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Tejina de Guia
Building Plot €85,000

400 m2 totally urban in which you can build, with a little house to be reformed of 70 m2.

Ref: 665
Building Plot €190,000

Land of 6,714 square meters of which 554 are urban in Acojeja, Guía de Isora, with license for a house of 200 square meters with a basement of 125, a first floor of 125 and a high floor of 75 square meters, being able to make balcony, terr

Ref: 997
La Camella
Building Plot €70,000

Urban plot of land in La Camella - Arona council. It has 120 m2 totally urban in which you can built a two story house.

Ref: 499
Guia de Isora
Banana Plantation €950,000

Banana plantation 30.000 m2 of plot of land.

Ref: 142
Building Plot €155,000

Land of 300 square meters of which 158 meters are urban with the possibility of making 3 floors of 158 meters each.

Ref: 952
Building Plot €45,000

Land of 900 square meters for industrial use in Chío.

Ref: 960
Building Plot €462,000

Urban land in Alcalá of 618 square meters with project to build a three-storey building with 18 apartments of one or two bedrooms.

Ref: 1014
Banana Plantation €1,700,000

Banana plantation in Alcalá with a brand new villa of 200 square meters, divided into two silvers, has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. It is not furnished. It has terraces, patio, garden on a plot of 2,000 square met

Ref: 994
Callao Salvaje
Banana Plantation €2,500,000

Great finca in Callao Salvaje. in Adeje's council. With 26.000 m2 it has 5 plantain plantations, 9.000 "pipas" water tank and sufficient water actions for watering.

Ref: 575
Rustic Plot €140,000

Land of 4,000 square meters in Chío with the structure of three greenhouses and water tank of 2,500 pipes.

Ref: 962
Rustic Plot €40,000

Rustic land of 4,251 square meters in Chío.

Ref: 961
Rustic Plot €22,000

Rustic land of 2000 square meters in Chirche, Guía de Isora.

Ref: 944